Sunday, January 18, 2009

Infomercial Secret Fat Loss Secret

Atlanta personal trainer reveals infomercial secret
As an Atlanta personal trainer I have watched many fat loss and diet infomercials. We have all seen miracle fat loss infomercials on TV and seen the sexy models used to sell their products. What we do not see or hear about are the health problems associated with being overweight. TV infomercials that promote weight loss rarely talk to you about heart disease, diabetes and other health problems associated with the extra weight you carry on your midsection. Ever wonder why?

People do not typically pay for prevention. Marketers know this. TV infomercial makers know the vast majority of people are concerned with beauty. We all want to look sexy.

To be honest with you I will continue to talk to you about fat loss for reasons other than your health. I have to. I have bills to pay.

I will promise you that I will never lie to you. I will always be honest telling you about what it takes to be successful at losing weight. I will never suggest a magic pill or potion as a solution to reach your weight loss goals. I will continue to tell you that exercise is vital to your success. I will never tell you can get life lasting results without a healthy nutritional plan based on science.

Do yourself the biggest favor of your life. Take care of your body NOW before you are forced to. You can read more over on my Atlanta personal trainer site at Infomercial Secret Fat Loss Secret.

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