Friday, September 11, 2009

Want to Burn More Belly Fat During Exercise

there has been lots of research done with respect to body fat and spot reduction. You know how many people now are looking to lose belly fat but want to keep the shape of their butt they're so proud of.

Experts and personal trainers have claimed that there's no way to spot reduce. They, me included have said that there is no way that you are able to pick and choose where you can take of the fat.

Recent studies are showing that it may in fact be possible. Scientists have studied exactly WHERE fat is burned from in order to fuel certain activities and it looks as though there may be a unique connection between the muscles being exercised and the fat cells used to provide the bulk of the long term fuel for your training.

NOTE: This is NOT definitive yet, but it holds promise.

It also supports my theory (and again, this is ONLY my theory!) that your MIND-MUSCLE CONNECTION plays a STRONG role in how much, and WHERE you can burn fat.

In this article, I reveal a unique tip that I use to increase the "mind-muscle" connection to (again, in theory) burn more belly fat from your training by implementing a crazy "cardio fat blaster"...

How To Burn More Belly Fat During Exercise

1. First, if you have the muscle Nerd's best-selling book "Combat The Fat" program, you know that he is a HUGE supporter of LOW intensity cardio as a fat-burner.

2. Start this exercise session with a low effort warmup of about 5 minutes on a treadmill, bike, or other exercise equipment.

3.follow up with one set of WEIGHTED CRUNCHES until failure. keep it to just one set

4. do a 10 minute LOW INTENSITY cardio activity. It can be any carido exercise that you like, some examples are; Rowing, jumping rope, jogging, bike...

5. follow that with one set of HANGING LEG RAISES, again to failure. This is to be followed by your second 10-minute bout of low intensity cardio doing a different type of exercise than you had with your last activity.

6. next do a single set to failure of HANGING ROTATIONAL KNEE RAISES...then on to your 3rd round of cardio. Again doing a different activity from the last, though you can repeat wht you did the first round.

And so it goes on, switching back and forth between an abs exercise and low intensity cardio.

For your follow up abs exercises, I suggest (in order)...

=> Hanging Knee Raises

=> Either crunches or V-ups

As you can see, we slowly decrease the intensity of the abs exercise choices with each set as you get closer to the end of your workout.

But in essence, by training your abs throughout your cardio session, you send a "message" to your body WHERE you want all that fat-burning cardio to do most of it's work.

You may think this crazy, but give it a try and see if it doesn't make a difference in where your measurements start reflecting results!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Eat pizza to get lean - Cheat your way thin

Cheat Your Way Thin” by my friend and fat loss nutrition guru Joel Marion was released about a month ago. That program that literally turned the world of fat loss nutrition upside down.

Joel has done his homework in putting together this product. 6 years and 308 research papers on the regulation of human body weight and metabolism, along with years of working with “real life” clients to perfect the approach. From that:

Joel developed the complete Cheat Your Way Thin system.

This system scientifically teaches you how to use your favorite foods including pizza, ice cream, pancakes, burgers, you name it to accelerate fat loss by overriding your body’s starvation protection mechanisms.

That’s correct, you can actually lose fast FASTER by CHEATING when done strategically.

And while that may initially sound like a pretty crazy claim, let me assure you, it’s ANYTHING but.

When Joel first released the full 7-component package of manuals, audios, video, workbooks, and checklists last month, he ran a special 3-day promotion that allowed people to get the entire package at less than half price.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to thoroughly review the product until just a couple weeks ago, but, check this out:

I just spoke to Joel and
since we missed it the first time around he’s agreed to open up that same less than half price 3-day sale again for my readers!

not bad, huh?

If you want to learn that full system that Joel's clients use to literally eat whatever they want while stripping away fat faster than most "dieters" ever could, you CAN--but don’t pay full price.

In fact, don’t even pay HALF price.

As my subscriber, for the next three days you have the opportunity to grab hold of this ground-breaking fat loss information at LESS THAN HALF PRICE.

Just use the below special link to access the “hidden” page on Joel’s site:

the complete Cheat Your Way Thin system

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If you've ever hit a diet plateau, if you've ever struggled to see the number on the scale change, or if you've ever felt guilty after eating something you "shouldn't have" while dieting, then you owe it to yourself to check out this powerful, game-changing information.

Frankly, I’m excited to share Joel's program with you because I know it’s going to help so many people finally "click" with dieting and fat loss.

Here’s to your upcoming success!

Jason, CSCS

P.S. Get ready to see some powerful testimonials and before and after pictures when you visit the site. Not only is this program scientifically based, but it’s been proven to work in the REAL world with real people time and time again.

the complete Cheat Your Way Thin system

P.P.S. One last thing: Attached to the "Add to Cart" Button on the site is a little icon that I want to specifically point out to you--it's a 60 Day, Money-back Guarantee. This way, you KNOW when you click “Add to Cart”, you're protected.

Completely risk-free, for a full 60 days, you can try Joel’s entire system.
With that kind of guarantee, the only thing you’ve got to lose is your stubborn body fat!

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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ab Training - 10 Overlooked And Misunderstood Facts Part 1

Part One

As a strength coach and personal trainer in Atlanta people come to me all the time with different theories about ab training, for the most part they are all wrong. Training people in Atlanta to have 6 pack abs takes lots of work and a smart approach. Take a look at the first part of this article on ab training.

By Charles Staley, B.Sc, MSS
Director, Staley Training Systems

Here are 10 of the most overlooked and misunderstood facts about abdominal training - some of these may fly in the face of what you THINK you know to be facts! Keep an open mind and read the explanations.

You may still not agree but it might just change your ideas on how your abs should be trained.

This is Part 1 - keep your eyes peeled for Part 2, coming soon!

1. Using A Belt Makes Your Abs Stronger, Not Weaker.

This is perhaps on of the most pervasive myths that people hold about abdominal training, and about training in general. Let's apply some simple common sense to the issue: if you can lift more weight with a belt than without (and virtually all people can), are your abs "asleep" as many people who have you believe? Or, are they working harder than they would be without a belt?

The reason you're stronger with a belt is that it gives your abs something to contract against. Imagine you want to train your legs and all you have is two primitive options:

1) You can "leg press" a heavy box by pushing against it with your feet while sitting on a slick floor. Or…

2) You "leg press" a heavy box by pushing it with your feet while sitting on the floor with your back against a solid wall.

Which option do you think will result in more tension for your leg muscles? Obviously the second option is far preferable, because by wedging yourself between an immovable object and a heavy movable object, you can create a high level of tension on the muscle's you're trying to train.

Using a belt during heavy squats, deadlifts, or Olympic lifts works the same way- by giving your abs something to push against, they can create greater intra-abdominal pressure, allowing you to 1) lift more and 2) lift more with less chance of spinal injury.

Just having a belt however, doesn't ensure success- you've gotta use it properly. The three key things to remember are:

1) Wear the belt high enough so your abs can exert pressure against it- many people wear a belt too low and rob themselves of the potential benefit

2) Don't wear the belt too tight- a looser fit allows your abs to get better leverage against the belt. And finally…

3) Get a high quality belt- some nylon/Velcro belts won't stand up to heavy use. Case in point: I recently purchased such a belt from my local Sports Authority and broke the buckle the first time I used it (must be my weakened abs from excessive belt use). Thinking it was a fluke, I returned the belt for a new one, and once again, broke it the first time I used it.

2. Having A 6-Pack Is About Diet, Not Training

You can train abs, all abs, nothing but abs, all the time, and still not have a six pack UNLESS- and here's the kicker- unless you're below 10% bodyfat. And probably you'll need to be below 8% bodyfat. The truth is you already have abs- you just can't see them. Since this isn't a nutrition article, I won't elaborate on how you should eat, so if you need help in that area, you might consider an expert nutrition consultation.

Now of course, you can drop bodyfat through training as well, but not "ab training per se:" instead, focus your efforts on challenging the largest possible muscle groups. My favorites include heavy weight circuits including a mix of Olympic lifts, power lifts, and strongman lifts.

3. The Main Function Of Your Abs Is Not Force Production

Although the abdominal muscles can and do function to flex and rotate the trunk, I'd argue that their primary function is to prevent unwanted motion. Specifically, strong abs help to protect the spine in two ways:

1) They create intra-abdominal pressure which helps to counteract compressive forces resulting from axial loading (e.g., squats, deadlifts)

2) They help to prevent forces that take the spine out of its preferred neutral position. More on this in the second installment next week….

Stay Tuned For Part 2!

About The Author

Charles strength/performance coach...his colleagues call him an iconoclast, a visionary, a rule-breaker. His clients call him “The Secret Weapon” for his ability to see what other coaches miss. Charles calls himself a “geek” who struggled in Phys Ed throughout school. Whatever you call him, Charles’ methods are ahead of their time and quickly produce serious results.

Click here to visit Charles' site and grab your 5 FREE videos that will show you how to literally FORCE your body to build muscle, lose fat and gain strength with "Escalating Density Training," Charles' revolutionary, time-saving approach to lifting that focuses on performance NOT pain.

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fat Loss Interval Workouts - 04/25/09

Thought I would share a quick clip of a friend of mine and one of his total body workouts.


I am a personal trainer in Atlanta, GA. If you would like other ideas or help with your workouts let me know and I will be glad to help.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just one of the many Exercises You Shouldn't Be Doing

Leg Extensions

Unfortunately this exercise is done all the time in weight rooms and fitness centers all around Atlanta and the rest of the country. Leg extensions seem to be a regular exercise in most leg training programs. One reason this maybe the case is that sitting down and pumping out reps of leg extensions are a lot easier than squatting. The front squat is an excellent choice for leg development but man, it sure is hard.

I know you feel a good "burn" in your upper thighs when performing this exercise, but it is not a very efficient leg exercise. It basically isolates the muscles above the knee, your quads.

A second reason to stay away from leg extensions while training at the gym is that they create a lot of stress an torque on your knees. You may end up hurting your knees in the long run.

The only time this exercise has much benefit is in a rehab setting where these muscles directly surrounding the knee need to be developed for stability and strength.

PS - Still skeptical you can lose fat without cardio?
I promise you don't need cardio machines to burn fat.

Grounded Personal Training, Atlanta's Fat Loss Solution

Friday, April 10, 2009

10 Best Fitness Exercises For Beginners

I have put together a list of the top 10 exercises. I am a personal trainer and strength coach in Atlanta, GA and feel these are the best exercises for people starting out in fitness and workouts.

  1. Push – Push Up
  2. Push – Dumbbell Front Press
  3. Pull – Inverted Row
  4. Pull – Pull Ups: negatives, assisted
  5. Legs – Basket Squats
  6. Legs – Lunge: forward, back, side
  7. Legs – Romanian Deadlift
  8. Core – Plank
  9. Core – Side Plank
  10. Core – Chop, high to low and low to high

Give the TRX a try for the inverted row and the pushups.

If you are looking for some of the best fitness training in the Atlanta area get in touch:

Gounded Personal Training Of Atlanta

Saturday, April 4, 2009

A little about Fat - The Skinny On Fats

Fitness author Jon Benson shared this letter with me and gave me permission to share it with you.

Let's get this one out in the open:
  1. Fats do not make you gain bodyfat.
  2. Fats do not put you on Heart Attack Row.
  3. Fats are not the enemy.

  4. We've been sold a bag of lies when it comes to fats.
    Fats are essential for your body's hormone production, skin health, absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, and even burning bodyfat.

    Yep... you need fats to burn fat.!

    Studies have been conducted to attempt to elevate cholesterol levels using high-fat diets. Most all of them have failed miserably -- in fact several "lowered" total cholesterol while raising the so-called "good" cholesterol (HDL).

    That being said, you don't need the following... 1. A lot of fats in your diet. Fats still contain over twice the calories per gram as carbs and protein. 2. Any kind of "fake fats" -- margarine or processed oils of any kind are highly dangerous foods.

    Here's my simple dietary fats solution:
    1. Eat fats as they occur in nature, but eat at least 80% as they "actually" occur in nature -- meaning from grass-fed and free-range sources. The extra cost is worth it. It tastes better and your medical costs will well offset the few dollars more per pound you pay.
    2. Cook with a combination of olive oil and coconut oil, but use both sparingly.

    3. If you are eating plenty of animal protein you do not need excessive fats... not because of 'danger' but because of needless calories. Not a good idea if you're wanting to keep your abs. But a bit of raw butter or olive oil can make bland veggies taste wonderful, so feel free. Also, omega 3-rich fats like olive oil and fish (and especially fish oil) help lower inflammation. That's the real culprit behind heart disease in most cases.

      3. Avoid a lot of fats at night. The night-time meals should be high in lean protein (tuna, tofu, turkey breast) with very limited fats if you are wanting to really get lean.

      If you are just trying to shed bodyweight slowly, it's okay to have some fats at night. Just do me a favor: If you are on the "Fats make you gain bodyfat and have heart attacks" bandwagon, jump off. We have consumed fat for countless thousands of years. Just consume it the way we always HAVE (naturally, not stuffed with hormones and cooked up in a lab) and you'll be fine.

      If you want a diet-solution that actually uses dietary fats to help you take off the bodyfat, then use this one: <--- Eat Fats, Burn Bodyfat!

      It's a real-world plan that allows you to eat your favorite foods and still shed the bodyweight you want. And yes -- that includes fats.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Circuit Training in Atlanta with Grounded Personal Training

Small circuit training routine used to finish off today's workout.

It was a beautiful day today here in Atlanta so I decide to my personal training client outside to finish off her workout.

This is my first attempt at video so take it easy on me. Not sure what happened to the sound, was fine on my computer but after it was uploaded it fell apart, oh well

More details can be found on the main site: Grounded Personal Training Of Atlanta
Check out what we did.

If you are in Atlanta and looking to get in shape, build muscle, or lose fat come by and check me out. You can always jump in and join the fun if you like.

Visit Grounded Personal Training's Contact page:
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Monday, March 16, 2009

Prograde Nutrition March Madness Sale

Atlanta Personal Trainer Brings You
Prograde Nutrition March Madness Sale

There's two things you want to know:
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  2. to celebrate College Basketball March Madness they are having a sale on this awesome product! Which is great news for you because this delicious shake will help you accelerate your lean tissue growth and fat burning. Here are all the details:
Again, because it's College Basketball March Madness, the sale is 10% off all purchases of Prograde Workout

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Look, I'm not kidding about how much Prograde Workout will improve your exercise performance. It tastes great and it's ready to drink in less than 60 seconds.

Yours in health,


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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Never Give Up

Those who keep going

Many of us fail or have setbacks, that is all part of life. What we do with those challenges, rejections and setbacks determine where we go in life. When you decide to change an aspect of your life, such as your appearance, job, or look to improve yourself to some extent you have to expect problems along the way.

Weight loss is a difficult process with plenty of opportunity to fail and give up. The key is to learn from your mistakes and move forward. Take a look at the famous people in the clip who have been told that they can not but have succeed anyway.

Atlanta Personal Trainer

Monday, March 2, 2009

To Lose Fat and Build the Body You Want, Follow the Path of MOST Resistance

To lose Weight and Burn Fat weight training is the fast track to sculpting your body.

Resistance is NOT futile! When it comes to body transformations, weight loss and building a great body quickly and permanently, weight training may be your best choice. That is why we include weight training in all our bootcamps.

The shape of your body is determined by three things:

  1. muscle
  2. bone
  3. fat
Your bone structure is set, outside an operation there is not much you can do to change it. You do have control over your body composition. You can change your muscle and fat ratios to get a better body.

Weight training may be the fastest way to change your body composition. You may ask why it is so effective. Without getting too detailed, it builds muscle and burns calories and fat.

One of the greatest things about muscle is that it burns calories all day long, even when you're lying on the couch. What this means is that the more muscle you have, the more calories you'll burn during the day and the more you'll be able to eat without gaining weight. Sound interesting? There's more.

Weight training stimulates your metabolism more than aerobic training such as cycling or walking. This means that you'll continue to burn calories long AFTER you've completed your weight training session. The calorie-burning effect of aerobic training generally declines rapidly once you stop the exercise.

Beginning trainers, who are just starting with exercise, are often under the impression that they should stay away from weight training because they might gain weight before they start losing it.

I like to use a car as an analogy. Imagine your body is a car, your muscles are the cylinders in the engine, and your bodyfat is the gas.

With a four-cylinder car, you only burn a minimum amount of gas/fat. Weight training and building more muscle is the equivalent of putting more cylinders into your engine. As you can imagine, you'll burn a whole lot more gas even while idling! And, just like a car with more cylinders, you'll be a lot more powerful too!

The bottom line to you is this...with more muscle, you'll get greater fat loss with less effort.

While it certainly is a possibility that you could gain weight before losing it, if you gauge your success solely by numbers on a scale then you're not getting an accurate picture of yourself. Measure your progress by how you feel, how you look and how well your clothes are fitting, not by which direction the needle on a measuring device is moving.

Do not eliminate cardiovascular training from your exercise routine, but, if you are struggling to lose fat and keep it off, weight training may be just the thing you need to lose that fat and keep it off for good.

For more information about building muscle visit Grounded Personal Training

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Michael Phelps, Bongs and 6 Pack Abs

So by now you've probably heard that Olympic champion Michael Phelps has gotten himself into a little bit of hot (bong) water. I felt I couldn't let this opportunity slip by without sharing some lessons from his mishap.

First, we all have to remember that we're role models. Somebody somewhere is looking up to us for guidance. It's a shame Michael Phelps screwed up, but he did. What's done is done. I know it reminded me that as a fitness pro, I MUST lead by example.

Second, again, he screwed up. And while I'm not one to give people a million chances, I do believe in second chances. And forgiveness. Which, when it comes to melting fat and getting fit, is VERY important.

I can tell you from experience working with hundreds of people with similar goals to yours, you WILL screw up somewhere along the way. The key to success is to forgive yourself and move forward. The people who truly fail are the ones that just give up the first time they make a mistake.

Third, this has nothing to do with what Michael Phelps has recently done, but it's another great reminder. If you want a lean, hard body and 6 pack abs, you're going to need to WORK. Regardless of his recent actions Michael Phelps is an Olympic Champ because he worked his rear end off. Don't fool yourself into thinking achieving your fitness goals is going to be a piece of cake.

Fourth, much was made during the Olympics of Michael Phelps and the massive amounts of calories he was consuming. If YOU want to get into peak condition you need the proper nutrition. Period.

Look, if you're not eating enough fruits and vegetables you need a Whole Foods based multi like Prograde Nutrition's VGF 25+

If you aren't optimizing your workouts by refueling with the correct blend of carbs to protein (based on the research) then you need to start using Prograde Workout like I do.
Anyway, when you see a news story like this one involving Michael Phelps, always remember to look for the positive lessons you can learn.

Yours in health,
Grounded Personal Training & Sports Performance

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Grounded Sports Performance- GSP

Reach your highest potential from the GROUND up!

Grounded Sports Performance: Premiere training programs for athletic development.

In sports there are individuals who fit into three categories:
1- those who have won
2 - those who have lost
3 - those who have yet to get their shot

You may be an athlete at the top of your game competing at the collegiate or high school level, or an athlete on the rise. Maybe you are a weekend warrior looking to improve performance for your match up with your rivals.

Grounded Sports Performance
is Atlanta’s foremost authority on sports performance and athletic development programs. GSP is owned and operated by certified strength and conditioning specialists with years of experience training junior, collegiate, professional and elite athletes from a multitude of sports including Baseball, Basketball, Football, Golf, Soccer, Tennis, and Track and Field.

G.S.P is committed to implementing scientific sport specific programs which can enhance all areas of athletic development. These crucial areas include reducing the risk of injury, flexibility, balance, power, strength, speed, agility, energy system development, and nutrition.

Athletic sport development programs include aspects of Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, functional training, core training, speed and movement mechanics, along with Precision Nutrition meal plans and Gourmet recipes.

Now is the time to step up to the challenge and take you game to the top. The coaches at GSP will lead you through a professional program suited to fit your individual needs. Programs packages include private one on one coaching or small group sessions.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Why Dieting Is A Lot Like a Financial Crisis Part 3

Weight loss and the Atlanta Economy

For those looking to lose weight and have thought a diet was their fat loss solution.

Learn the parallels between dieting and the biggest financial
crisis of our time. And no, it's not because
both are painful and leave you hungry!

4 - The Great Depression

Now you're really feeling bad about yourself. You've gained back all the weight you lost when you crash dieted only you lost muscle and gained back fat.

You're in the middle of a great depression. What's it going to take to snap out of it?

5 - The Two Magic Words

I'm talking BAIL OUT, right! Government to the rescue, right! WRONG.

Look at how well the bail-out worked. The stock market keeps tanking and keeps yo-yo dieting. Until the government takes high fructose corn syrup out of the food-lobby pyramid, you can be pretty sure the government isn't going to solve your weight problems.

Now come the REAL two little magic words that will make everything okay…Personal Responsibility.

I am VERY sure there are predatory lenders out there who convinced people that they could afford homes that they really couldn't just as I'm sure there are food manufacturers trying to convince you that Lucky Charms are healthy because they suddenly contain calcium…

When you get down to it, nobody is holding a gun to your head to eat that last chunk of Texas Toast with extra cheese, butter and frosting. Just because something is available doesn't mean you HAVE to insert it into your face (or sign the paperwork that says you're fine with 5% APR jump on your mortgage when it resets).

When you put Personal Responsibility into practice, you take CONTROL over your finances and your nutrition. You realize that the world does not owe you a lean body…it's something you have to work for and make an effort for, just like it takes work and effort to pay your mortgage every month.

If it sounds too good to be true…well, you know how the rest of THAT goes…

In this case, it's a lesson Wall Street should learn from Sesame Street. Like Cookie Monster says, cookies are a "sometimes" food - meaning if you're greedy all the time, it's going to eventually catch up to you and you'll have to pay for it (unless you're AIG, apparently, in which case you've got a license to keep on partying without any hint of accountability - I guess the parallel to that would be liposuction!).

So how do you take the next step? Glad you asked! I've got links to a number of excellent fat-loss programs you can use to take control over your life and put that newfound Personal Responsibility to work!

By Nick Nilsson

Head over to Grounded Personal Training to read more

Looking for an Atlanta Trainer?
Contact Grounded Personal Training

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Why Dieting Is A Lot Like a Financial Crisis Part 2

Weight loss and the Atlanta Economy

For those looking to lose weight and have thought a diet was their fat loss solution.

Learn the parallels between dieting and the biggest financial
crisis of our time. And no, it's not because
both are painful and leave you hungry!

2 - The Crash

So it's time to diet. And you want to lose that fat FAST. So you immediately drop your calories to near starvation level. Of course, in the stock market, a strict diet looks a lot like a crash. Your body views it the same way.

Panic sets in. Just as brokers start selling off stock, your body starts getting rid of things it doesn't want to carry around.

And, of course, the greater the panic, the stupider the brokers (and your body) get. When you crash diet, your body tends to burn MUSCLE more than fat. Just like a broker selling off the good stocks that can help him recover from a crash.

It's the FAT you want to sell off, not the muscle.

But a big crash [diet], which was set up by the previous gluttony [the result of excess deregulation, akin to asking a 4 year old to guard the birthday cake], you're now attempting to accomplish very quickly what should normally happen over a longer period of time.

If you were to experience a slow economic downturn, your ability to get rid of the fat is much better, allowing you to streamline your portfolio smartly rather than just trying to get rid of everything all at once. You cut your calories, increase your activity and gradually lose the fat.

3 - Market Instability

If you've got a retirement savings plan and you've looked at it recently, you've probably seen a graph that does up and down just like the numbers on the scale of a yo-yo dieter.

The crash is followed by a binge of people buying cheap stocks (because the price is so low and because that Kentucky-fried birthday cake just looks so good), followed by another crash, followed by another binge. And so on.

This constant cycle of crashing and rebounding does nothing to stabilize the economy. It only makes you want to eat more and makes you fatter.

By Nick Nilsson

Head over to Grounded Personal Training to read more

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Why Dieting Is A Lot Like a Financial Crisis - Part 1

Weight loss and the Atlanta Economy

For those looking to lose weight and have thought a diet was their fat loss solution.

Learn the parallels between dieting and the biggest financial
crisis of our time. And no, it's not because
both are painful and leave you hungry!

By Nick Nilsson

Now, let me be clear right off the bat…if you think I'm going to make a joke here about how your Freddie Mac and Cheese ends up on your Fannie Mae, you're wrong…I would never do such a thing.

What I AM going to do is draw some parallels about how the financial mess Atlanta and the United States is in can actually help you understand how dieting affects your body, and in turn, can help you get better results in your fat-loss efforts and, of course, make you millions of dollars richer in the process.

I'm going to drift around in between finance and nutrition here - I know, they're two almost identical subjects but, try to bear with me.

And keep in mind when you read this, I'm no financial expert. If something isn't 100% right, the SEC isn't interested in small fish like me so I wouldn't bother mentioning this article to them...

1 - The Boom Years

Your body is designed to store fat. Its how we've survived as a species over the millennia. When famine hit, it was always the individuals who could best store and use fat who survived. Evolution wasn't concerned about the potential for muffin-top when it loaded our bodies with easy-to-fill fat cells.

So when times were good (like in the U.S. housing market a few years back), those fat cells were getting filled up like crazy! Everybody was seeing their house values (i.e. waistlines) expand.

Now, greed operates not only in the financial markets but at the buffet table as well. The less regulation there is, i.e. portion and food quality control, the more things start to get unbalanced and the more potential there is for gluttony.

Some people were buying houses they really couldn't afford which is a parallel to some people eating the crappy food (i.e. pretty much anything that comes directly to you through a window). It compromises your health in the long run.

Heck, you can think of eating at McDonald's sorta like getting an adjustable rate loan…you're fine for the first little while but suddenly BAM. Your rate adjusts and it's time to bust out the fat pants.

But hey, while you're still in those first few years of your Adjustable Rate Mortgage, life is good. You may not look like you're gaining a lot of fat (it's all settling into those spaces between your internal organs) or setting up your financial markets for a crash until the moment of truth hits.

Then the balloon payment comes due, your mortgage doubles and you start blowing out the seams on your fat pants.

The internal workings of your system have been so corrupted by deregulation (and coagulation) that your markets can barely function. Your blood pressure is going up faster than a CEO's retirement bonus because your body is carrying too much debt around your waistline.


Nick Nilsson is Vice-President of the online personal training company BetterU, Inc. He has a degree in Physical Education and Psychology and has been inventing new training techniques for more than 17 years. Nick is the author of a number of bodybuilding eBooks including "Metabolic Surge - Rapid Fat Loss," "The Best Exercises You've Never Heard Of," "Gluteus to the Maximus - Build a Bigger Butt NOW!" and "The Best Abdominal Exercises You've Never Heard Of" all available at ( He can be contacted at

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The only choice for weight loss

One Atlanta Trainer’s Guide on How to Lose Body Fat

Fat loss is not an easy thing to do. In theory, dropping weight is quite simple as this Atlanta Trainer explains, “burn more calories than you ingest.” That one line is what weight loss is all about. No matter what exercise program or diet you follow they all have the same goal, and that is for the person to use more calories than the take in. If you have a medical condition, which is very rare then you will have to work extra hard and may need the assistance of a medical doctor. For the rest of us just do a combination of the following 4 things and I will guarantee you see the weight fall off and waist line shrink.

In the opinion of this Atlanta personal trainer the best and most practical solution to losing body fat consists of four parts. In order of importance, they are as follows:

* Diet, by far the most important

* Strength Training

* Circuit training

* Long endurance training, works but by far the least effective

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Infomercial Secret Fat Loss Secret

Atlanta personal trainer reveals infomercial secret
As an Atlanta personal trainer I have watched many fat loss and diet infomercials. We have all seen miracle fat loss infomercials on TV and seen the sexy models used to sell their products. What we do not see or hear about are the health problems associated with being overweight. TV infomercials that promote weight loss rarely talk to you about heart disease, diabetes and other health problems associated with the extra weight you carry on your midsection. Ever wonder why?

People do not typically pay for prevention. Marketers know this. TV infomercial makers know the vast majority of people are concerned with beauty. We all want to look sexy.

To be honest with you I will continue to talk to you about fat loss for reasons other than your health. I have to. I have bills to pay.

I will promise you that I will never lie to you. I will always be honest telling you about what it takes to be successful at losing weight. I will never suggest a magic pill or potion as a solution to reach your weight loss goals. I will continue to tell you that exercise is vital to your success. I will never tell you can get life lasting results without a healthy nutritional plan based on science.

Do yourself the biggest favor of your life. Take care of your body NOW before you are forced to. You can read more over on my Atlanta personal trainer site at Infomercial Secret Fat Loss Secret.

If you are looking for a personal trainer in Atlanta or have a question fell free to contact me.

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Grounded Personal Training of Atlanta - Step Up

Grounded personal training of atlanta client step up Nice slow controlled decent on her step up.

At Grounded Personal Training of Atlanta we do not use and machines, instead we use lots of compound movement like the step up. We find compound movements get the best results when you are looking to build strength, lose weight, and get in shape. They are more time efficient than alot of machines because that work more muscles at one time, not just isolating one muscle group. What this does, is it allows you to do less exercises because more of them are getting worked at one time.

Today in our Atlanta private training studio we had a client doing step ups. The step up is a great lower body exercise that will really get you to feel your glute and thighs. An example of two moves this one exercise replaced are the leg extension and the leg curl. Plus it is the opinion of this personal trainer that a step up is an all around better exercise than either the leg curl or leg extension.

I you have any questions or are looking for a personal trainer in Atlanta contact Grounded Personal Training.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Atlanta Trainer and Year's Resolutions


Most New Year's resolutions do not work.

Maybe one in a million do, though not an official stat, it is a true most New Year's resolutions do not work. There is a reason they don't work.

Stating aloud that you are going to lose weight, or I need to drop a few pounds, just does not work. It doesn't accomplish anything.

Why you may ask?

The answer is Simple. Because behind that weight loss "resolution" is the complete lack of a plan. Sure you may say that you should get a personal trainer to help you lose weight but that still is not a plan.

Think about anything significant you have achieved or accomplish in your life. Close your eyes, go back to that time in your life, and think about that event.

Can you honestly tell me you achieved something so worthwhile without plan?

It is nor a weight loss resolution you need, but a commitment from yourself and a plan.

You provide the commitment, and a personal trainer can provide the plan.

You do not need a resolution, pills or potions promising miracles, nor do you need another starvation diet. A solid plan and a science based healthy eating guide is all you need to reach your weight loss goals.

Take a moment and think about how you are going to lose the stubborn body fat. Write out your plan then take action.

Get the plan.

Follow the plan.

Watch the fat fall off.

Simple as that.