Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The only choice for weight loss

One Atlanta Trainer’s Guide on How to Lose Body Fat

Fat loss is not an easy thing to do. In theory, dropping weight is quite simple as this Atlanta Trainer explains, “burn more calories than you ingest.” That one line is what weight loss is all about. No matter what exercise program or diet you follow they all have the same goal, and that is for the person to use more calories than the take in. If you have a medical condition, which is very rare then you will have to work extra hard and may need the assistance of a medical doctor. For the rest of us just do a combination of the following 4 things and I will guarantee you see the weight fall off and waist line shrink.

In the opinion of this Atlanta personal trainer the best and most practical solution to losing body fat consists of four parts. In order of importance, they are as follows:

* Diet, by far the most important

* Strength Training

* Circuit training

* Long endurance training, works but by far the least effective

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Infomercial Secret Fat Loss Secret

Atlanta personal trainer reveals infomercial secret
As an Atlanta personal trainer I have watched many fat loss and diet infomercials. We have all seen miracle fat loss infomercials on TV and seen the sexy models used to sell their products. What we do not see or hear about are the health problems associated with being overweight. TV infomercials that promote weight loss rarely talk to you about heart disease, diabetes and other health problems associated with the extra weight you carry on your midsection. Ever wonder why?

People do not typically pay for prevention. Marketers know this. TV infomercial makers know the vast majority of people are concerned with beauty. We all want to look sexy.

To be honest with you I will continue to talk to you about fat loss for reasons other than your health. I have to. I have bills to pay.

I will promise you that I will never lie to you. I will always be honest telling you about what it takes to be successful at losing weight. I will never suggest a magic pill or potion as a solution to reach your weight loss goals. I will continue to tell you that exercise is vital to your success. I will never tell you can get life lasting results without a healthy nutritional plan based on science.

Do yourself the biggest favor of your life. Take care of your body NOW before you are forced to. You can read more over on my Atlanta personal trainer site at Infomercial Secret Fat Loss Secret.

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Grounded Personal Training of Atlanta - Step Up

Grounded personal training of atlanta client step up Nice slow controlled decent on her step up.

At Grounded Personal Training of Atlanta we do not use and machines, instead we use lots of compound movement like the step up. We find compound movements get the best results when you are looking to build strength, lose weight, and get in shape. They are more time efficient than alot of machines because that work more muscles at one time, not just isolating one muscle group. What this does, is it allows you to do less exercises because more of them are getting worked at one time.

Today in our Atlanta private training studio we had a client doing step ups. The step up is a great lower body exercise that will really get you to feel your glute and thighs. An example of two moves this one exercise replaced are the leg extension and the leg curl. Plus it is the opinion of this personal trainer that a step up is an all around better exercise than either the leg curl or leg extension.

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Atlanta Trainer and Year's Resolutions


Most New Year's resolutions do not work.

Maybe one in a million do, though not an official stat, it is a true most New Year's resolutions do not work. There is a reason they don't work.

Stating aloud that you are going to lose weight, or I need to drop a few pounds, just does not work. It doesn't accomplish anything.

Why you may ask?

The answer is Simple. Because behind that weight loss "resolution" is the complete lack of a plan. Sure you may say that you should get a personal trainer to help you lose weight but that still is not a plan.

Think about anything significant you have achieved or accomplish in your life. Close your eyes, go back to that time in your life, and think about that event.

Can you honestly tell me you achieved something so worthwhile without plan?

It is nor a weight loss resolution you need, but a commitment from yourself and a plan.

You provide the commitment, and a personal trainer can provide the plan.

You do not need a resolution, pills or potions promising miracles, nor do you need another starvation diet. A solid plan and a science based healthy eating guide is all you need to reach your weight loss goals.

Take a moment and think about how you are going to lose the stubborn body fat. Write out your plan then take action.

Get the plan.

Follow the plan.

Watch the fat fall off.

Simple as that.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Atlanta Trainer Fat Loss Tip - one

Building the body you want can be hard work.

Often people make body transformations even harder on themselves without knowing so. You start out with the best intentions, but fail to achieve the results you had expected. You are not sure why your training has not changed your body because you have worked so hard. Every day you get ready, pumped up and head to the gym eager to get your workout in and see results. When you arrive you put your name down for the next available cardio machine then eagerly await your turn. You jump select your favorite TV or playlist and start out.

Thirty minutes latter your time is up, you jump off a head over to the free weights. You saw a good exercise the other day in a magazine so you give it a try. Not sure what weight to use you pick something that looks you size and go at it. Not sure where to go from there you remember an exercise a friend mentioned a while back. You grab the dumbbells and go at it. After another thirty minutes of working out and thinking about what exercises to do you head home hoping today made a difference.

Even though you had the best intentions you did not have a plan, if you fail to plan you plan to fail. Before you go to the gym you need to know what exercises you are going to do, how many reps, how much weight, the proper form, and how often you need to go. Effective weight loss works best with a clear training program.

Atlanta Trainer Fat Loss Tip: Plan

Take some time to study exercise programming or if that is not an option hire a trainer to plan things for you. Obtaining your ideal weight and look the way you want involves much more than going to the gym. A well qualified personal trainer or strength coach can help you get the results you need. The investment put towards a training program that works for you will go a long way in getting results. It will also eliminate the frustration you get from spinning your wheels.