Sunday, December 28, 2008

Will Lifting weights Make Women Bulky

Many women are afraid to lift weights because they believe it will make them look bulky just like the women in the magazines.

Many women are afraid that lifting heavy weights will make them bulky and look more like a man than a sexy lady. Countless magazines and fitness videos have women using soup cans or feather light dumbbells performing biceps curls and triceps kickbacks perpetuating the myth.

It is extremely difficult for women to get big and bulky. The major reason is hormonal. Females do not produce testosterone like males do. Testosterone is a key hormone responsible for adding lean muscle mass. Both males and females that can be found in the pages of the bodybuilding magazines get so big and bulky by taking steroids and hormone injections.

Anther factor to consider is diet. To pack on serious mass you will have to eat lots of lean protein. If you watch your diet and do not eat enough you simply will not get pig and bulky.

No need to be afraid of heavy weights if you’re a woman. Lifting heavy will make a woman strong, not manly

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